Once you‘ve got your prescription and chosen your frames, our dispensing opticians will take you through the range of bespoke and custom-fit lenses.

We can provide lenses that are thin, lightweight, anti-reflective, scratch-resistant and we have lenses without hard coating at £60.00. And if you are the slightest bit concerned about bright light, don‘t forget that we have the latest light-sensitive and anti-glare options, too.

Whether it be a simple correction for myopia or a complex multifocal correction, our team of fully qualified, expertly skilled Dispensing Opticians are on hand to help you chose just the right type of lenses.

For more information about our range of prescription lenses and how they can improve your vision, simply contact us and our friendly opticians will be more than happy to help. Why not also book an eye test to see whether your eyesight has changed.

We are a Varilux Specialist Practice and Nikon Lens Experts.

Ultrathin & Light

High index lenses can be used to make your lenses thinner, lighter and flatter – ideal for higher prescriptions or thin rimmed and rimless frames. They will not distort the appearance of the face or eyes, and enable your glasses to be light in weight and comfortable to wear.

Combined with an anti-reflection coating, all unsightly reflections and power rings are eliminated which means you not only see better but look better.


Scratch resistant

Plastic lenses are half the weight of glass but unfortunately scratch more easily. This coating toughens the lenses to help prevent scratching so your glasses look good longer.


Lenses reflect about 4% of light off each surface. Coating the lens eliminates these reflections which can cause problems if you are working under fluorescent lights or drive at night.

Hydrophobic coating

Repels water and dirt so your lenses are easier to keep clean.

UV Protection

UV filters

This coating filters off the damaging rays for healthier eyes. Ultra-violet light cannot be seen or felt, therefore it is very dangerous. UVC is filtered out by the ozone layer. UVB damages the cornea and causes sunburn and snow blindness, UVA causes cataracts and protective lenses are designed to filter out these wavelengths.


Polarising eliminates reflections from smooth, wet, flat surfaces resulting in no more squinting, eye strain or temporary blind spots. These lenses help in conquering the glare created by surfaces like water, ice, snow and sand. Most prescription lenses, including complex multifocal lens designs, can now be provided as polarized. We also delighted to be stockists of Maui Jim Bespoke prescription sunglasses, which offer the best UV protection possible, in up to the moment fashion designs.

Light Sensitive

The new generation of plastic Transitions Photochromic lenses start off virtually clear indoors then darken rapidly in bright sunlight for comfortable vision and provide 100% protection to UV. They use advanced photochromic pigments which give an even brown, green or grey colour and also come in a range of fashion colours.

For enhanced performance we will tell you whether your photochromic lenses can be treated with hard coating, anti-glare and/or water repellent treatments. When combined, all three treatments make them ideal for sports and prevent misting when coming from outdoors to indoors. While standard Transitions lenses are not recommended as the best sun protection when driving, new generation specialised darker variable lenses can now work well in these conditions – ask us to go through the pros and cons of the different types with you – we are here to help.

Progressives (Multifocals or Varifocals)

There are very many different types of Progressive lenses on the market today from very simple forms to personalized designs. Our job is to ensure that we advise the optimal lens to fit with your budget, visual needs and lifestyle. Correct fitting of Progressives is an imperative for you to get the most out of your Progressive glasses and this is where you being looked after by one of our expert Dispensing Opticians, who will ensure all goes well.

Progressive Multifocal Lenses


Looking after the eyes of Children is something we take pleasure in doing. We hold a wide selection of children’s frames and sunglasses, including frames for young babies, in stock. We understand the very particular needs of our young patients and how important it is that their glasses fit properly. Hard coated Polycarbonate Safety Lenses are dispensed for all children as standard, which also block all harmful UV radiation – particularly important for young eyes.


At Specs of Kensington we cater to the individual. We want to design a pair of glasses for you that gives you excellent vision, are totally comfortable to wear and suit your face to a T! The possibilities are infinite with unlimited combinations of lens shapes and frame colours. Our expert Dispensing Opticians have all the skills to help you choose exactly what you want.

Occupational Safety

Eye safety at work is of paramount importance. We can offer advice to ensure that you are as visually comfortable as possible when working at your computer. Should you need more specialised eye protection, we have the knowledge to help you and can provide appropriate eyewear to keep you safe.

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