Choosing the right pair of prescription glasses isn‘t as simple as just choosing a frame. We understand that no two faces are alike!

Your lens prescription, way of life, face shape and individual style will all effect what our trained dispensing opticians will suggest for your eye wear. Everyone has different requirements for their choice of spectacle frame.


We carry all of the latest designer brands so you can be assured you’ll find the perfect glasses for your needs. Choose from the most desirable brands including…


Whether you wear glasses every day or for specific activities, our fully trained opticians can help you to make the right choice. We ensure that our lenses are of the highest quality.

We offer a professional service when discussing your sport frame choice. Our dispensing optician will discuss your sport requirements and advise a frame and lens combination that meets your needs.

Myopia is also known as short-sightedness. Near objects are clear but objects in the distance are blurry. This is usually because the eye becomes too long to focus correctly.


Research has shown that more time spent outdoors as a child helps prevent myopia. It doesn’t matter if the time outdoors is spent sitting around or playing sports, it’s just that they are outside.


There is currently no cure for short-sightedness. The aim of myopia control is to slow or halt the progression of myopia through forms of lenses.

View our glasses fact sheets
View our glasses fact sheets
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