Our Approach

Just about anyone who wears glasses can wear contact lenses

Contact Lenses have come of age. Modern contact lens materials mean that contact lenses are comfortable and safe. Ask anyone who wears the latest lenses. And there is no hassle – about 85% of people new to contact lenses in our practice, now choose Daily Disposable contact lens types meaning no more cleaning, flexibility to mix with wearing contact lenses or glasses and improved eye care.

Our specialist eye care team and trained opticians ensure you receive the most appropriate contact lenses for your eye health.

We are Contact Lens specialists

There are many types of contact lenses, including those to change eye colour. Contact lenses can be used by almost anybody. You can rely on our highly experienced contact lens practitioners and opticians to find the most suitable type for your needs.

Our senior team of Optometrists have great experience from many years involved in the specialist contact lens fitting service at Moorfields Eye Hospital, so you can be confident that their skills will mean that your eyes are looked after as well as they can be.

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