Freedom From Reading Glasses

Contact lenses are a great alternative to wearing glasses, and advances in technology mean they now offer more visual comfort and convenience than ever before.

The reason your focusing for reading becomes difficult is called Presbyopia, which is a natural part of the aging process and is caused by loss of elasticity in the eye’s lens. This makes it difficult to focus on close objects requiring you to use reading glasses. As an alternative to spectacles, contact lenses can also be used, either using specially designed multifocal contact lenses, or by wearing ‘Monovision’. Our specialist team of Optometrists and eye care experts will carry out an eye exam before advising you of the best possible type of lens to suit your optical vision.

Multifocal Contact Lenses

Multifocal contact lenses, also known as varifocal contact lenses, incorporate two powers; one corrects your distance vision and the other corrects your reading vision. Sometimes these powers are blended together or alternatively they can be separated with a contact lens or glasses. These contact lenses types are available as soft lenses or gas permeable lenses.

Monovision Contact Lenses

Monovision is an alternative to using multifocal contact lenses for presbyopia. With monovision you wear one contact lens in your dominant eye to correct long vision and near focusing contact lens in the other eye. Even though you use both of your eyes, when you are looking at something in the distance the brain gives most of its attention to the visual input from the dominant eye. Thus, if you use a contact lens with distance correct on the dominant eye, it will not be difficult to get used to because you‘re not changing the way you see naturally. Over time, your brain will learn to focus on the input from the non dominant eye when you are reading or doing another task that required you to rely on your close-up vision. Whilst the concept of monovision sounds odd, most people adapt quickly to monovision contact lenses.

Monovision Compared to Varifocal Contact Lenses for Presbyopia

People’s preference as to the best presbyopic correction for them differs for many reasons. Our approach is to let you evaluate all options and decide for yourself which method of vision correction suits you best.

The only way to find out which method of correction works best for you is to try them out.

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