Contact Lens Payment Options

At Specs of Kensington we offer various payment options to help you mange your payments. After all our primary focus is to make sure your eyecare needs are catered for.

Aftercare - Contact Lens Care Plan

We think that being a member of our Aftercare Plan is the best way for us to look after your eyes. For just £15 a month payable by Direct Debit, or a £180 once a year, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that not only are your regular eye checks covered, including a full eye examination with OCT once a year, but also the costs of any extra visits you might need for possible prescription changes, lens refits or even ‘emergency visits.’

Our Aftercare Plan members also enjoy preferential pricing on Contact lenses, costs being comparable to internet or supemarket pricing and we are delighted to give you a 20% Discount on all Sunspecs and Sports Goggles.

Aftercare - Pay as You Go

Of course if you prefer, you are able to pay for your Care at each visit and buy your Contact Lenses as and when you need them.

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