Children’s Spectacles

Your children only have one pair of eyes, so it is important to protect them from the earliest point possible with regular eye tests and correct eye wear.

At Specs of Kensington, we have an extensive range of children‘s glasses that have been specifically designed for a child‘s smaller head and facial features. Our friendly dispensing opticians make special effort to ensure the fit and design of your children‘s glasses is perfect for their requirements.

The right lens and frame fit is very important for children because your child undergoes a period of rapid growth and a frame that doesn‘t fit properly can create more damage to their vision. At Specs of Kensington, unlike many other high street opticians, your child‘s glasses will be fitted by a qualified dispensing optician as their training gives them an expert understanding of what frames will fit your child correctly.

Choosing the right frame

Choosing the right frame choice for your child is even more important than adults because your child is undergoing a period of rapid growth and a frame that does not fit properly can create more damage to the vision. Along with a friendly, qualified and expert service, we have a great range of fun, colourful and designer glasses tailored to children. Whether your child fancies something bright and colourful, in keeping with the latest trends, tough and impact resistant or linked with their favourite cartoons, we have the perfect choice for them.

Remember, that all children‘s eye tests are paid for by the NHS. Why not bring your children into Specs of Kensington and our staff will be more than happy to help go through our children‘s glasses with you.

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