Eye Examination

During the first 12 years of our lives, up to 80% of our learning is visually based. Many children struggle at school simply because of eyesight related problems, which is why your child should have regular eye tests by a qualified optician.

We have to remember that what a child sees is ‘normal‘ for them and they may not realise that others can see clearer.

We understand that having an eye test isn‘t always a child‘s idea of fun so our friendly qualified opticians will be on hand to help make sure your child‘s eye test is as easy and straight forward as possible. Most children actually enjoy their eye test and can‘t wait to come back again.

A full eye examination is a thorough, personalised eye test adapted to your child‘s age and capabilities. What is included in a children‘s eye examination:

– Personal and family history
– Your child‘s vision compared to expected levels of development and growth
– Relevant health checks carried out by looking inside the eyes
– Particular attention given to investigating squints and ‘lazy eyes‘
– Eye muscle balance checked to ensure correct coordination
– Additional tests if required including colour vision and 3D vision.

We have been able to take photographs on children as young as 3 years old. They love being able to see what their eye looks like. We are able to email you a copy of the photograph and some children take a copy into school to show their teacher and friends. Some have even had it framed to put up on their bedroom wall.

Children are entitled to a FREE NHS eye tests every year up to the age of 16. Have your child‘s eyes assessed at Specs of Kensington and minimise the possibility of an eye defect causing a problem. Book your eye test today with Specs of Kensington and let the experts look after your child‘s eyes.


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