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Leading opticians, Specs of Kensington, has more than 30 years’ of specialist eye care expertise to offer, providing its customers and patients with a personal, friendly and advanced optometry service.

Leading opticians, Specs of Kensington, has more than 30 years’ of specialist eye care expertise to offer, providing its customers and patients with a personal, friendly and advanced optometry service.

At Specs of Kensington we wish to go above and beyond. Our goal is provide the best Optometry has to offer. We are committed to using the most up to date examination techniques and deliver not only extended eye examinations and all types of contact lens fitting, but also a wide range of specialist optometry services, in the hands of true experts in the field.

Whoever you are and wherever you come from, a warm welcome will always await you at Specs of Kensington.

The Practice was first opened in 1984 by leading Optometrist Daska Barnett, while she also worked as senior sessional Optometrist at Moorfields Eye Hospital. Since then, Specs of Kensington has more than quadrupled in size, but still has several of the original personnel as team members. We strive to be the most respected, dynamic and recommended Optometry practice in London.

Daska was joined in 1993 by optician Elaine Styles who specialises in contact lens and primary eye care at Moorfields Eye Hospital. Elaine, now an Honorary Life Member of the British College of Optometrists, and a Liveryman at the Worshipful company of Spectacle Makers, also runs the Charity Vision Care for Homeless People. She is an expert in Keratoconic Contact lens fitting.

Farida Ahmed joined the Optometry team in 2008. She relocated to London from Newcastle, where she was working with Mike Offord, the Optometrist who first employed and trained Daska more than 35 years ago. Always calm and kind, Farida specialises in Paediatric Optometry and Orthokeratology contact lens fitting.

Lavinia De Souza has been part of the Specs of Kensington professional family for 3 years. She graduated in 1999 as a Medical Biochemist and joined Moorfields Eye Hospital Institute of Ophthalmology researching into “Angiogenesis and Drug Resistance in Uveal Melanoma”. Awarded the ‘Stephen Dawson prize for Clinical Excellence’ from the Institute of Optometry, London, she also lectures and teaches at the Institute of Optometry and City University and is a most welcome addition to the Specs of Kensington team.

Dr Zahra Jessa joined us in 2015 on a part time basis, her other professional roles being Clinical Director at the Royal National Institute for the Blind at their resource centre in Judd Street London, where she is involved in their Learning Disability and Dyslexia clinics. She has a specialist interest and skill in Correctable Low Vision and she has a particular interest in the care of older people. Also working in the Cataract, Low Vision and Macular Degeneration Services at Moorfields Eye Hospital. Zhara runs a dedicated Low Vision Aid clinic for us.

Prinal Patel, our newest recruit has now been with us for a year. Prinal is both a fully Dispensing Optician as well as an Optometrist. She runs our Dry Eye Clinics, bringing further specialised knowledge to the professional team.

This sense of being part of the same family team also extends to Specs of Kensington’s customers, whose loyalty has helped drive the organisations expansion. Incredibly, for a central London optometry practice, Specs of Kensington regularly sees three different generations of patients from the same households. Even people who‘ve moved to all four corners of the globe still come back to see Specs’ opticians. Currently, Specs of Kensington has people booking eye tests from as far afield as South America, South Africa and Switzerland!

We continue to invest in state-of-the-art specialist eye care equipment, maintaining a constant commitment to clinical excellence and the needs of each individual. This remains particularly important to us. Our patients range in age from nine months to 99 years old. Whoever you are and wherever you come from you will enjoy the same unbeatable level of specialist eye care and access to the best quality glasses, contact lenses and eye care products available in the UK today.

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