Frame by frameless

Frame by frameless

Spectacles have progressed a long way from the limited range of styles and colours of yesteryear. Today’s rimless glasses represent a practical and highly appealing alternative to contemporary frames, with thin lenses mounted directly onto the nose bridge and/or the sides.

The advantage of rimless glasses involves their lightweight design which despite their appearance makes them exceptionally strong.

Titanium frames and polycarbonate lenses ensure minimal pressure is placed on the nose, making it easy to forget you’re wearing glasses at all.

Style is another major benefit – clear lenses without surrounds have a negligible impact on your appearance, allowing natural features like cheekbones and eyebrows to take centre stage.

Frameless glasses are suitable for a wide range of prescriptions and even some stronger lens powers can look good in this type of frame as long as the overall size is kept to a minimum.

We can give an expert opinion on what will work best for you, semi-rimless frames are also available offering another dimension of ‘minimalist’ styling.

Did you know? Early examples of rimless vision correction include monocles and pince-nez-side-free spectacles held in place by pinching the bridge of the nose.