Feast your eyes

Feast your eyes

Feast your Eyes returns this year for the month of October.

It’s your opportunity to host your own feast and the money you raise will fund pioneering eye research to help fight sight loss and treat eye disease.

Host a dinner party with a difference. Be it a blindfolded breakfast, lights-out lunch, pitch black picnic, challenging cheese and wine or dinner in the dark.

Sight is one of the first sensory criteria we use to make decisions about what we eat. So how does it change the experience when you only have your other senses to rely on? And what could you serve to really challenge those other senses?

Host your feast in the dark in six easy steps

1. Sign up- Go to fightforsight.org.uk/feast

2. Invite- Decide your date and venue, then send your Feast your Eyes invites to your favourite people

3. Cook- Serve your favourite dishes, or test your guests with something tricky to eat!

4. Blindfold-  Challenge your senses for a true dine in the dark experience

5. Eat and Drink-  And most of all have fun!

6. Donate- Support Fight for Sight and let your guest know how much you raised!

Sign up to host your feast and we’ll send you a free Feast your Eyes pack, complete with blindfolds.

In the meantime, have look at our ideas and tips to help you host a fabulous feast.

Any questions? Email Jo on events@fightforsight.org.uk

Together, we can create a future everyone can see.