Fascinating eye facts

Fascinating eye facts

The human eye is a marvel of nature, as well as being one of the body’s most complex organs.

These are some of the remarkable things you may not know about your eyes…

The debate earlier this year over the much publicised ‘dressgate’ image that went viral on social media demonstrated how differently an object can be perceived. Some people saw white and gold, while others saw the blue and black shades that were originally chosen by the manufacturer. The human eye can distinguish between ten million colours, but it’s often hard to accept that other people see colours differently to the way we do.

The phrase “in the blink of an eye” was inspired by the fact that our eyelids are the fastest-moving muscle in the human body. An eyelid is capable of blinking five times every second, although we typically blink once every five seconds.

“Many eye-related conditions and diseases can be prevented by making healthy lifestyle choices.”

While most people can interpret millions of different shades, almost 10 per cent of men are partly colour-blind because of a gene that’s primarily found in the male X chromosome. Colour blindness was first identified in a 1793 paper titled ‘Extraordinary Facts relating to the Vision of Colours’ by scientist John Dalton.

Blue-eyed people enjoy a higher tolerance to alcohol. University of Pittsburgh research recently discovered that higher melanin levels (the pigment that makes eyes darker) can lower alcohol tolerance. It’s believed that the first blue eyed person lived near the Black Sea coast thousands of years ago and every blue eyed person today shares this ancestry.