Care to be different

Care to be different

There’s something very satisfying about leaving the practice with a brand new pair of glasses. The frames are flawless, the lenses are completely clean, and we’ve moulded them to fit perfectly on your face.

Keeping your glasses in pristine condition is relatively easy, providing you treat them with care and invest in a few little extras.

Cases are great for overnight storage or holiday transportation – hard shell cases offer more protection than softer leather sleeves, though these are still useful.

A small amount of cleaning spray and a soft lint-free cloth, available from the practice, should be used to clear dust and fingerprints off the lenses every morning.

The best way to ensure children get value-for-money from their glasses is by making them as indestructible as possible to guard against youthful clumsiness. Good quality frames and scratch-proof lenses will be advantageous here, as will impact-resistant lenses for anyone who enjoys outdoor sports.

We may be able to apply anti-scratch coatings to your lenses, since even resting glasses the wrong way up on a bedside table could potentially cause minor abrasions to the lenses. Parents of young children may also benefit from toughened lenses, because it’s hard to predict what toddlers are going to do next…

Did you know? There are many urban myths about caring for spectacles. Some people claim egg white or raw potato juice can prevent lenses fogging up, while diluted vodka or vinegar are apparently good for cleaning! We’d always recommend more conventional techniques and have a range of specialised products available.